Glenpool Conference Center

Event Venue in Glenpool, Oklahoma

Exhibit Hall

Our Main Exhibit Hall can be set up for business or trade shows, vendor-friendly arts, crafts or other fairs, banquets, large events, dances or conferences. With grand high ceilings, convenient electrical, sound, lighting and kitchen access, and fully retractable walls to divide the space if needed, the main hall space can be configured to accommodate your larger or more space-intensive events. Ample parking, nearby lodging, retail and dining options mean the Glenpool Conference Center is ideally situated to serve your event venue needs.

The Foyer space can be included with the Main Hall if desired, or closed off for a more intimate feeling.


Rates and space:

Exhibit Hall A – 3,000 sq ft
Sunday-Thursday – 4 hours  $300
Sunday-Thursday – 10 hours max $500
Friday & Saturday – 4 hours  $500
Friday & Saturday – 10 hours $700

Exhibit Hall B – 4,500 sq ft
Sunday-Thursday – 4 hours $500
Sunday-Thursday – 10 hours  $700
Friday & Saturday – 4 hours $700
Friday & Saturday – 10 hours max $1000

See complete pricing information online, or fill out our request form for a custom quote.






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